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Welcome to the Canna Lyfe Family

Canna Lyfe is a socially responsible clothing and product company. We focus on providing great customers like you with a truly viable, eco-friendly alternative to commercially produced man-made products that contain materials that are dangerous to your health. In addition to those materials, the chemical process to create them is also hazardous. Contact us for details about our products.
Fabric material

Nice Things Naturally!

Polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, acetate, spandex, latex, Orlon, and Kevlar are synthetic fabrics that are chemically produced by joining monomers with polymers through a process called polymerization. Chemicals used to make these fabrics include sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide, which are derived from coal, oil, or natural gas.
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Become a Lyfer!

By purchasing Canna Lyfe products, you are actively supporting a movement away from harmful synthetic products that are non-biodegradable and destructive to the environment. Our all-natural products have multiple applications, and they are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 
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